Why Is Now A Great Time For Raw Cashew Investments

When it comes to the consumption of cashews, no other country even comes close to India. Averaging over 300,000 tonnes of cashews each year,

Why Are Benin Cashew Nuts Much Sought After By Retailers Globally

Benin is a West African country, which until 1975 was known as Dahomey. Benin's capital is...

4 cashews a day & 5 amazing benefits

"A handful of nuts can keep any doctor away."

Raw Cashew Calculate The Net Out-Turn Rate

The quality of raw cashew nuts is measured in terms of KOR or Kernal Output.

Ogbomosho-West Africa's lesser-known cashew paradise

Over the years, agriculture has become an important sector of Nigeria's economy due to its significant contribution to the country's GDP.

Benin & Ogbomosho Cashews, Which Is The Best For Cashew Retailers ?

When it comes to Benin's soil type, there are four main groups of soils, the first being ferralitic soils covered with semi-deciduous forest;

Why Cashew Retailers Should Opt For The 50 lbs Grade Of Raw Cashews Over The 46 lbs Grade

Those in the know (including all those involved in the raw and processed cashew trade, cashew import/export, dry fruits/nuts retailers, farmers specializing in cashew production, and others),

The Cashew Economy In Africa

The African continent is where most of the globe's raw cashews originate from, however, only a fraction of these cashews are processed within the continent. As a result,

Côte d'Ivoire, A Cashew Production Powerhouse

Côte d'Ivoire (one of the world's leading cashew-producing nations) recently began the active promotion of its domestic cashew processing facilities in order to obtain a greater share of the added value.

Why Are Cashew Nuts So Expensive

Cashews grow in some tropical climates around the world from the bottom of a hanging fruit (as shown in the image below). A single kilogram of cashews can cost $10 wholesale.

The Vast Biopharmaceutical Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

Cashews gained prominence during WWII due to the use of its important by-product - cashew nut shell liquid. Cashew nut has nutritional properties with a pleasant flavor.

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