The Typical Cashew Nut Production Season In The Ivory Coast

The harvest season normally runs from March to June. During this period, the ripe fruits fall off on their own. The harvesting procedure consists of going around the orchard regularly and harvesting the fruits, and loosening the nuts from the apples by slightly twisting them.
Cashew trees flourish all over the Savannah region of Côte d'Ivoire, where a prolonged dry spell of five to six months accelerates its growth. It is a fast-growing evergreen plant that begins to produce nuts three years after planting.

Major Interest & Investment By The World Bank

The Ivory Coast, in 2018, launched a Cashew Value Chain Competitiveness Project (CVCCP), with funding of about 200 million USD from the World Bank as well as an additional 85 million USD from private investment. The project has four components to it

This component focuses on providing support for coordination institutions, both public and private. This includes support for reforms of the regulatory environment and contractual relations between VCs players. Close to 15 million USD has been allocated for this component.
With roughly about 60 million USD, this component covers research and planting, extension, and rural roads, where market access is a critical constraint.
Over 100 million USD from the World Bank and 85 million USD from the private sectors have been invested in warehousing and processing, support to financial services, and market analysis of the cashew production sector in the Ivory Coast.
The CVCCP underwent a standard World Bank assessment in 2018, which included the following
  • a review of the project's relevance to existing strategies and policies;
  • expected benefits, including for farmers and businesses;
  • description of the project and implementation mechanisms;
  • a risk analysis, including economic, political, environmental, and climate risks;
  • and an economic analysis focused on the profitability of all players.
Over 15 million USD has been allocated for these purposes.

The Price Of Raw Cashew Nuts From The Ivory Coast In 2022

Most of the Ivory Coast's cashew nuts are exported to India, Vietnam, and Brazil. Typically, these nuts are used in everything from cosmetics and food to even the manufacture of aircraft brake fluid. Meanwhile, the biggest importers of cashews are India, the United States, the EU, China, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

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The increase in global cashew consumption has resulted in the unprecedented growth in the price of cashew nuts from the Ivory Coast. It was found that the value of cashew shipments from the country had grown by almost half in 2015 alone. This growth was driven by the rise of the middle class. The demand for healthier products, as well as the burgeoning demand in major cashew importing nations such as India (where cashews are used widely for everything from making pastes for curries to add crunchiness in sweets, and other confectionaries, is thrusting the price further up.

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Apart from our transparent supply chain, widespread network of shipping partners, and partnering plantations that supply us with highly sought-after cashew origins from across the globe, what makes SCashews unique, is our strict adherence to standard cashew procurement, processing, packing, and storage practices. Our process typically entails

The freshly harvested raw cashew nuts are dried by spreading them out on the drying yard under direct sunlight for anywhere between one to three days, depending on the moisture content. The clicking sound that the nuts make when their well dried is a sign that they can be processed further. Nevertheless, it is necessary to constantly keep monitoring the drying process as overdrying the raw cashews can result in a burnt kernel, which can lead to much larger breakages during the shelling process.
In this process, the dried raw cashew nuts are separated as per their size. This practice has been a fairly new one adopted by processors. It supports not only the more efficient use of the husking machine but also assists in improving the manual cutting process and husking rate. In this process, a sizing/grading machine is used. This apparatus has cylinder-shaped sieves having a set of different dimensions/sizes. The raw cashew nuts are passed through the different slots of this device and are subsequently separated and collected separately. In general, processors classify raw cashews into three sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large.
Shelling entails either steaming or roasting the raw cashews. Roasting is a traditional method and isn't much in use these days. In this technique, the raw cashews are roasted on the steel/iron tray until their shells are burnt. Steaming, on the other hand, helps to soften the outer shell of the cashew nut so that cutting or shelling becomes easy.
The shift to automated mechanics is now taking place at a rapid pace. The bearing of factors such as labor availability, plant capacity, investment capacity, and business models is being attributed to the shift from manual to automated processes. The advanced automated shelling equipment that we use at SCashews to process the raw cashew nuts that we procure from the Ivory Coast helps us make the shelling process far quicker and more effective.
Peeling is the last process by which the cashew kernels appear in their ready-to-eat form. As part of this step, all inedible layers of the cashew nut are separated from the kernel.

Every cashew retailer, bakery, and confectionery in the globe is on the hunt for trusted, reliable, and easy-to-work-with suppliers of raw and processed cashew nuts from the Ivory Coast. Finding such a supplier however is not always easy as it seems. Having been in the cashew import and export game for decades now, SCashews has developed a widespread network of shipping, procuring, and plantation partners that help our clients enjoy access to the best and most hard-to-acquire cashew origins from around the planet.

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