Processing Of Sun-Dried Cashews

The processing of these sun-dried cashews is carried out in a four-stage process, each intended to deliver edible cashew kernels of superior quality, shelf-life, and taste.

The exterior shells of the raw cashews are discarded in order to yield the edible cashew kernels. These exterior shells are quite thick and they carry a caustic oil that is toxic for human consumption. The process of steam roasting aids in the elimination of this hard exterior shell with minimum labor. The batch of cashews is then placed into a drum that has a mini boiler connected to it. The steam generated by this mini boiler is passed over the cashews inside the drum for about ten to fifteen minutes. Subsequently, these cashews remain inside the drum for about 20 minutes, where undergo customary roasting. These roasted cashews are then removed from the drum and kept in the open air for about twelve hours to cool down and assist in the elimination of their shells
The batch of roasted cashew nuts is later taken to the cutting facility, where the outer shells are removed. This is a complicated procedure and necessitates an extremely skillful effort to ensure minimum breakage of the kernels. This process involves every cashew nut being separately fixed in between the blades of the shelling mechanism. The shelling mechanism is manually operated by highly skilled and experienced personnel who ensure shelling with minimum breakage. Upon completion of this process, an entire batch of deshelled cashews is achieved. These nuts are then put into an oven where a temperature of 60 degrees is maintained over 24 hours (one full day) in order to make the inner shell crisp.
The inner shell of the kernel is then removed in order to yield whole white cashews. The peeling procedure involves removing the inner softshell of the kernels subsequent to their removal from the oven. The kernel is utilized for careful peeling of the inner sheld after being placed in the open for about twelve hours (half a day). This cooling assists in the process of peeling. Every cashew is individually stripped to yield the whole white nut. The resulting batch of deshelled, roasted, and peeled nuts are then transferred to the grading facility where they are graded

Storage In Designated Vats

Subsequent to their grading, the cashew kernels are deposited in specially designed containers, with respect to their specific grades and are also labeled for identification.


The kernels are then acclimatized for safe packing by regulating their moisture content between about 3.5% to 4%, which is perfect for safe packaging. This moisture regulation is performed by either humidification or drying processes. This step is essential because low moisture levels in the kernels result in their breakage subsequent to packaging, while higher moisture levels cause the clamping or blockage of the cashew kernels subsequent to them being packed
The cashew kernels are also fumigated before their last packaging in order to inhibit the infiltration of pathogenic organisms and other arthropod
For our clients at SCashews, we vacuum pack all the consignments of cashew kernels that we supply to them, in tins of 10 kg each. This method includes subjecting batches of cashew kernels (intended for transport) with a blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in order to lengthen their shelf life.
At SCashews, we are constantly updating our packaging protocols, equipment, and procedures to

keep up with the latest advancements in cashew kernel vacuum packing tech

enhance productivity, and

ensure compliance with all International Food Safety Regulations. (All our packaging facilities, equipment, and protocols have been devised so as to meet all compliance standards posed by International Food Safety Regulations as well as to offer our clientele the best processed cashew supplies that they can possibly acquire in the market

Diverse Grades Of Processed Cashew Nuts

Grading of cashews involves the categorization of the cashew kernels on the basis of

Grading based on Color

When it comes to being graded according to the color of the kernels, cashews are classified as

GW (white), S (scorched), and D (dessert)

Nevertheless, the color analysis additionally takes into consideration the sizes of the kernels, which are classified as either - whole, or broken pieces.
Grade Color classification
1st quality fancy 1st quality fancy Cashew kernels are either consistently white, light yellow, or pale ivory.
2nd quality scorched Cashew kernels are either yellow, light ivory, light brown, deep ivory, or light ash-grey.
3rd quality special scorched Cashew kernels are either brown, deep yellow, amber, light blue, and deep blue. They may be somewhat shrunk, raw, and light-brown speckled, blemished or differently faded
4th quality Cashew kernels have the same color tones as the 1st or 2nd quality cashews, however, they also have pitted blemishes
LBW (Lightly Blemished Wholes) LBW (Lightly Blemished Wholes) Cashew kernels are either light ash-grey, light brown, deep ivory, or light ivory. They may exhibit light brown spots or stains on the exterior. A batch falls into this category only forty percent or less of the entire batch of kernels exhibit such colors.
LP (Lightly blemished Pieces) Cashew kernels are either light brown, light ash-grey, deep ivory, or light ivory. Kernels might exhibit light brown spots or stains on the exteriors. A batch falls into this category only not more than twenty percent of the entire batch of cashews exhibit such colors
BW (Blemished Wholes) Cashew kernels are either deep yellow, amber, brown, deep blue, or light blue. Kernels might be somewhat shriveled and underdeveloped, or even exhibit brown spots or stains on the exterior. A batch falls into this category only when not more than sixty percent of the entire batch of cashew kernels are affected.
D (Dessert) Cashew kernels might be scoured, intensely scorched, shrunk, and may exhibit either deep-brown spots, black spots, stains or discoloration

Grading based on Shape

On the basis of their shape, cashew kernels are categorized as

Whole grades, and Broken grades, which include a) Butts b) Splits (Jumbo White - JH), and c) Pieces (Large White parts - LWP)

Grade Shape classification
W (Whole) Cashew kernels are categorized as whole if they exhibit the typical kidney shape and not more than 1/8th of their entire body has been broken apart.
B (Butts) Cashew kernels that have been broken crosswise fall into this category. Such kernels are less than 7/8th, but not less than 3/8th, of the entire kernel size, and the cotyledons typically remain connected.
S (Splits) Cashew kernels that have been divided lengthwise fall into this category. Such kernels are also not more than 1/8th of their entire body, and the cotyledons are detached from the kernels.
Pieces Cashew kernels that are smaller in size and completely broken fall into this category. As they decrease in size, they are further classified as -
LWP, SP, SPS, etc (large pieces) SWP, SSP, DSP, etc (small pieces) CHIPS, SSP1, SSP2, SSP3 (chips) BB, G1, G2, G3 (baby bits) X (fine grains) FE (fines) P1M, P2M, P3M (mixed pieces)

Grading based on Size

On the basis of their shape, cashew kernels are categorized as When it comes to grading by size, it is an estimate of the total quantity of cashew kernels per kilogram (kg) or pound (lb). Grading by size is mandatory for 1st quality/fancy cashew kernels and is elective as far as other whole grades are concerned.
Size classification Count per Kilogram Pound
180 266 - 395 kg 140 - 180 lbs
210 395 - 465 kg 180-210 lbs
240 485 - 530 kg 220-240 lbs
320 660 - 706 kg 30-320 lbs
450 880 - 990 kg 400-450 lbs
Widespread Geographical Prominence SCashews has its presence spread across the planet. We take pride in the fact that our partnerships with the biggest cashew farms in the most prominent cashew-producing nations enables us to offer our global clientele an extensive range of cashew varieties, origins, and grades.
Competitive Pricing One of the biggest reasons behind our services and products being so highly sought after by cashew retailers, confectioners, hoteliers, and others from across the globe is our competitive pricing. The fact that we're able to supply cashews of exceptional quality at affordable prices that make it possible for our clientele to obtain a substantial return on their investments, is what keeps them returning to us time and again.
Efficiency In Execution Our commitment to our clients begins from the inspection of raw cashews we procure, right from the source up until these shipments reach us and they end up being evetually delivered to our clients. Our entire process, which we've perfected over decades of being in the business, ensures that our customers receive their cashew consignments with the quality in-tact as well as on-time.
Years Of Experience In The Cashews Import/Export Game Our team at SCashews brings decades of experience from the raw and processed cashew importing and exporting arena to offer our clients the best services possible. The partnerships we have forged over the years, with world-class cashew cultivators and shipping as well as transport firms, helps us cater to all the quality and quantity requirements of our clients seamlessly, all year round, so that they may remain industry leaders in their respective market segments.

Cashew Grades & Their Uses

The overall grading of cashew kernels is carried out in the order of their color, shape, and size examples. A white colored whole kernel in the size 180 will be related to as WW180 (indicating White, Whole, and size 180). For the grade SW240 (this indicates Scorched, Wholes, and size 240).

Nevertheless, some differences exist in the categorization of broken cashew kernels. For instance, a white-colored butt is related to as FB (fancy butts). Likewise, FS is indicated as fancy splits, while LWP is indicated as large white pieces and SWP as small white pieces.

Grade Description
White Cashew Kernels
WW180 White Wholes 180
WW210 White Wholes 210
WW240 White Wholes 240
WW320 White Wholes 320
WW450 White Wholes 450
WW500 White Wholes 500
FB / WB Fancy Butts (White Butts)
FS / WS Fancy Splits (White Splits)
LWP Large White Pieces
SWP Small White Pieces
BB Baby Bits
Grade Description
Scorched Cashew Kernels
SW180 Scorched Wholes 180
SW210 Scorched Wholes 210
SW240 Scorched Wholes 240
SW320 Scorched Wholes 320
SW450 Scorched Wholes 450
SW500 Scorched Wholes 500
SB Scorched Butts
SS Scorched Splits
SP Scorched Pieces
SSP Scorched Splits Pieces
Grade Description
Dessert Cashew Kernels
DW Dessert Wholes
SSW Scorched II
DB Dessert Butts
DS Dessert splits
DP Dessert Pieces
SPS Scorched Pieces II

Our Commitment To Quality

Organic Produce

All the processed cashew supplies that we offer at SCashews come from farms that put organic farming methods into practice. Organic cashews originate from cashew trees that aren't treated or influenced by pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. The trees that produce these cashews are non-GMO, implying that they aren't genetically modified in any way. The farms that we source our organic cashews from, utilize nothing but natural fertilizers. Although organic farming is painstaking and laborious, we believe that the benefits they provide are exhibited through the



As soon as our cashew consignments sourced from different parts of the world, reach out warehouses, we secure them in distinctive containers and vats that are devised specially to maintain the integrity of the cashew nuts by regulating -

humidity levels



All our produce is handled by trained personnel who are equipped with the tools, skills, and knowledge, necessitated in handling cashews in such a manner as to prevent any -

exposure to the elements,
deterioration of color/shape/size, as well as taste.



Over the years,We at SCashews have realized that packaging is a key component of the cashew importing/exporting business.That is why our team of packaging specialists ensures that every consignment of cashews is inspected thoroughly and only then packaged in individual vacuum-sealed tins that hold a volume of 10 kilograms of cashews each.



The extraordinary partnerships we have forged with top shipping/transport firms mean that our cashew supplies reach our clients' destinations in tip-top condition, and on time. This ensures that our clients can sort, package, and retail their products without any delays, enabling them to keep up with all their intended schedules and achieve objective targets.

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